Green Heron Eating by artiste9999
White Wing Dove by GBloniarz
Agelaius Flight Manipulation by chiphendershot
butterfily by kunriyanto
Little owl by tmtburke
with a beat of wings by ovosphotography
Green Wing Macaw by KatieMcKinneyPhotography
Cormorant  by tmtburke
Touching Wings by MontyRPennington
No Worries by windycorduroy
Back Wing Spread on a White Naped Crane by quincyfloyd
Swan 2 by DJMay
Justa Mallard flap by ruthjolly
Gull Taking Off by douglasunger
Baer's Pochard Spreading His Wings by quincyfloyd
Wing Walkers by Bobwhite
Skycat Wingwalkers, Aerofestival Poland by bartlomiejmyc
Mr. See Gull                                              by photoflea
Sky Rider by rturnbow
Pink With A Little Pink by MsJudi
Eagle Reflection by Lpepz
gathering.. by Albatross_Images
Hummingbird on Gladiola by hiyahercfarm
Stretch your wings by ruthjolly
over the clouds by BenekS
Dragonfly Up Close by artiste9999
Butterfly and Cone Flower by MsJudi
Beauty With Wings, the Lilac Breasted Roller by KayBrewer
Seagull head-on in flight  by sandrajohnson
Honey Bees  by tmtburke
Rufous hummingbird by JamesHewkoPhotography
Flamingo by MsJudi