Stellar Legacy by MedicineWalkPhotographer
Dream by East-Photography
Weeds Are Pretty Too by MsJudi
Butterfly and Thistle by MaggieClaire
Red-bodied swallowtail by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
weed in the light by keithviklund
Dandy Dreams by Inspire4More
Monarch Butterfly by Bazz
Keystone-species by Mother_Nature
Taraxacum officinale by aprillewis
Weed stuck on barbwire by kylasphotocreations
all those little pieces by blumwurks
The Wish Weed by Bruz
A weed on the window sill by livioferrari
Swallowtail Trio by CarolSadler
Last fall flowers by _Ok_
Wild and yellow by spikeyjohn
blue dirt flower by jopa_1030
Roadside Beauty by mahamilton
Weed in Backlight by MickAlicic
A little worse for wear. by Bruz
Fallen by Stellasview
Dandelion by mjollnir
Teasel at dusk by urbanmoon
Taraxacum officinale by aprillewis
Time To Fly by timecapturer
Spoonbill family by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
Goutte by lynefournier
Dandelion copy copy by beccurphey
Antigua Trees by SURREALIMAGE
seed ball by joeyg