Sunset Prayer by SamyOlabi
Burj Khalifa by Herbert_A_Franke
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE by MGNasser
Sheikh Zayed Mosque by petersachem
Desert Flower by David_R_Anderson
Dubai Marina, U.A.E. by damonmcdonald
_DSC6412 by anthonysajdler
the Gate Keeper by SamyOlabi
Religious Symmetry  by hpd-fotografy
Pillars of the Grand Mosque by uyraffy
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by digitguys
quiet by mahmodtamaari
Sun, Me and the Holy Shadow by Bavarian_DNA
Colin Handy Photography-183-2 by Snappuccinos
Dubai Cityscapes by andyarciga
Shiek Zayed Mosque by David_R_Anderson
Dubai Just After Sunset  by hpd-fotografy
Spaghetti Perspective by Ghadirshaar
Sheik Zayed Mosque Reflection  by gregmetrophotography
_DSC6415 by anthonysajdler
Photo  by abdullah_1302
Never give up on your Dreams by SamyOlabi
Big blue by mauritzchristiaanjaneke
Mirror impersonation  by LuaGrace
A Day In The Desert by nictohme
IMG_0905 Arabian Oryx by priscillavandel
Grand Mosque by cesarsamiano
Burj al Arab by Herbert_A_Franke
Sunrise  by smrezaulhaque
Urban Reflections by smrezaulhaque