The World of Bokeh by tahirabbasawan
titmouses with red currant by geertweggen
National Style 'O' by Albatross_Images
The Sense by wenchejostad
Autumn Maple Leaf - Erfurt, Thüringen, Germany by Seisselberg
A pair of Green Crowned Hummingbirds by uniquephotoarts
There's always a light in someone's darkness by Minediie
Aston Martin under the arch by Eric_Dany
B25 by babywolfiie
Standing under the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. These steel orbs are connected to display the form of an iron unit cell. The city relfects back at you as you stare skyward. by Badger_g_photography
spiraling configurations by RobZucho
Thinking in the rain. by ashrafmansour
Black Latex Mistress - Berlin, Germany by Seisselberg
fly angle by SettingSky
Milton's Pillow by Effess
Cranky Sea Lion!  by Eagle_Summit
Ukrainian Monastery  by Chiaroscurist
Natalia - 2019 by gabrielfox
Pot and kettles by AnnuO
1887 Dresser Knob by MsJudi
Jeweled Shield by sgundry
1930 dusenberg j convertible victoria by kajacurtis
White-yellow Chrysanthemum by toshihiro_shoji
seat by geertweggen
Under the Sea by bpwhite
seeing green by SettingSky
Heron at Nisqually by donanzinger
Thirsty by wenchejostad
Blue Silk Flower by MaggieClaire
Aurora Borealis in Iceland by marrific