Wedding Portrait by imaginecreationz
Elegance by Shuhrat
DSC_0879 by biplabjayapuria_2213
IMG_6502_TONED_SPHERES by rahulsen89
•Timeless Exchanges•  Stirred yet unstirred through it's glorious execution, usage, deterioration, abandonment and the new found status as a conserved piece of history, this sandstone marvel stoically stood witness to the numerous conversations man&# by sushmittarenganathan
I See Her by ethika
The eye by venkat306
don't look at me by vivekkalyan
The Bride by drishtiphotography
IMG_9428 by pabitramahato
taj mahal 3 by winged_travelblogger
Rima Das by Ayush Das by dasayush
Natural Beauty by Tanvir015
Surrender to Superior by LogeshKumar
Dancing Beauty by kshitijbhaswar
Friends by vivekkalyan
Wedding Bell  by Chaitalichk
Culture of Bangladesh by Shuhrat
Turquoise Sari by leireunzueta
BRIDE TO BE by rakeshsyal
Indian Beauty by KumarManojPixels
The Art of Peeping by xrenelee
Pooja by nithinavikkal
Photo  by angeltherese
kerala saree by Aahas_selvam08
Colorful decoration by Oxana_Srikanth
red is the color of my thoughts by akashdua
Longing by ethika
Designer saree by venkat306
sun carpet by blacksail_2597
How fear would brighten my eyes, I could not say. by asif_musaddeque