IMG_9326 by pabitramahato
taj mahal 11 by winged_travelblogger
Patiently waiting... by FrankLaValle
women-sarees-mumbai-beach-india by no-borders
For her eyes only by piqchars
girl in saree by hrishiyadav
Mehendi by drishtiphotography
Chequered Life  by cymric
'A warm smile is a universal language of kindness' by Yaalini
janmashtami-mumbai-india-2013 by no-borders
Rural India by Ravidavala
Feminine by Chaitalichk
Hand of the Bride by NuthanVicky
First Day of Bangla New Year by khmdmatin
JULIA by rakeshsyal
DSC_0088 by biplabjayapuria_2213
THE umbrella  by Titiksha
Lord Madurai Meenakshi by LogeshKumar
Silk fibers by ziemskimichal
my favorite pposer by Aahas_selvam08
Happy Diwali by torqueabhi
Just Keep Smiling by RohithPrem
Feel of the Change by piqchars
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Colourful steps by n_deb_click
बायका - त्यांच्या सगळ्यात सुंदर स्वरूपात !! by viveksuradkar
Cultural event with Family and friends by Sachinkawale
be a Girl with a Mind, a Woman with Attitude, and a Lady with Class by aniruddhadas
Requiem for a dream by asif_musaddeque
Color of woman by sunandomukherjee
Every story doesnt have a face by Shuhrat
Bride by smitaMahajan
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