Rain Dance by meganlorenz
Who are you? by meganlorenz
Eagle by JasonMc
white backed vulture by carolphillips_3334
Fresh snowfall on the feathers by JohnZinkPhotography
Keeping Warm by Bazz
Dropping in for lunch by katesherry
Osprey, Reflection Portrait  by lauridonovick
"Sullivan" by PeriHoke_slrchick
African Hawk Eagle by BrianpSlade
Osprey just missed by Dickiebird
Swainson's Hawk by beepersbud
Baby Face by liasimcox
Rodent Patrol by questforwildlife
Afternoon Hunt by liasimcox
In Golden Light by laddiehalupa
Hoo loves the snow!    _DSC5142 by JohnZinkPhotography
  Out of the storm by kathijensen
Captive Eurasian Eagle Owl by KeithGriffiths
American Kestrel by EaglePortraits
WC_Crop_HD3_9740 by HDigitalPics
The Eagle Eye by stephanieveronique
barn owl by nikon1
The Hunter by windycorduroy
Common Buzzard by avkash
Buzzard by KeithGriffiths
barn owl in cemetery by spicspics
Deep thought by JonathanDurandPhoto
Sparrowhawk with Goldfinch  by Jamie-MacArthur