In the circle of enlightenment (I): When the bell begins to chime by MicktheGreek
Mixed Showers by ntgreen
Cité de Carcassonne by alindinu
The lighthouse by pierrenadler
Sports car 7 by livioferrari
Versailles Castle reflections by RiccardoMantero
Sports car 4 by livioferrari
Perspective 4 by livioferrari
Hot Rod by cynthiabroomfield
Avenue of Trees by csiszercristina
Lone Tree and Limesone by Darrell_Evans
Cloister by livioferrari
DSC01704a by alef0
Vitrified by Effess
Lisbon rain by eelcovanroden
Old street. by enriquekapie
Italy Girl by akphotographystudio
Winskill Stones by jamesaphoto
Colloseo by night by estercastillo08
My friend photographer by livioferrari
Central Park by sallyG11
Boulevard New Venets by lepsik84
DSC01706a by alef0
Monsaraz by enriquekapie
Columns by livioferrari
Transporters of life (II): For the weak and the weary by MicktheGreek
Passage by Danuberiverchild
After the rain in Cordes sur Ciel by mateobrigande
Stone pavement and  keyboard of laptop in mode "kaleidoscope". by Andrew08
Tram in Prague by tmtburke
Red Boathouse on Lake Lucerne by ericcriswell
Nostalgic Deventer by martinpodt