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Best of Valencia 01 - Malen

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First picture of the series entitled "Best of Valencia", where in collaboration with photographer Billy Brasov we tried to photograph the best corners of Valencia with the best models in the area. We want to do more than highlight the heritage and human factor of our city, trying to tell a story with our photographs.
In this one we wanted to look at the famous Serrano Towers with the eyes of a newcomer. Valencians are used to going there thousands of times and the surprise factor is lost. But ... can you imagine how impressive they must have been in the past, when Valencia was a walled city?
Malen was the model who accompanied us on this occasion. I am aware that it is a “waste” to use such a beautiful model so that it is barely visible. The portrait pictures were made by Billy, you can take a look at his Instagram at @billybrasov. Although I also wanted to try to make my first steps in portrait... Do you want to see the result? You have it in today's Instagram story (@jorgeciscar), you know, for 24 hours;)
Post-processing with Luminar (get 10€ discount with the voucher “CISCAR”).
Primera fotografía de la serie titulada “Best of Valencia”, donde en colaboración con el fotógrafo Billy Brasov tratamos de fotografiar los mejores rincones de Valencia junto a las mejores modelos de la zona. Queremos hacer algo más que resaltar el patrimonio y el factor humano de nuestra ciudad, tratando de contar una historia con nuestras fotografías.
En esta en concreto quisimos mirar las famosas Torres de Serrano como lo haría un recién llegado a la ciudad. Los valencianos estamos acostumbrados a pasar por allí miles de veces y el factor sorpresa se pierde. Pero… ¿te imaginas lo imponentes que debieron ser en su día, cuando Valencia era todavía una ciudad amurallada?
Malen fue la modelo que nos acompañó en esta ocasión. Soy consciente de que es un “desperdicio” usar una modelo tan guapa para que apenas se le vea. Por ello la parte más retratista se la dejo a Billy, puedes echar un ojo a su Instagram en @billybrasov. Aunque yo también quise probar a hacer mis pinitos… ¿Quieres ver el resultado? Lo tienes en la story de hoy (@jorgeciscar), ya sabes, durante 24h ;)
Visita mi tienda para descubrir mis tutoriales de procesado y artículos de formación fotográfica.
Procesada con Luminar (consigue 10€ de descuento con el código “CISCAR”).
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Behind The Lens


This shot was taken in the Serranos Towers in Valencia (Spain), an old area of the city.


I met Malen Burgos (the model) and my colleague Billy Brasov, who was helping me in that session, right before the sunset. That gave me enough time to try many different compositions before the blue hour. I wanted to shot during the blue hour because I love the combination of blue color in the sky in contrast with the yellow/orange lights in the street of the cities.


With this shot I wanted to transmit what feels a person who comes for the first time to my city, watching one of the most valued monument in Valencia.


In this case I used a Fujifilm X-T2 wiht a Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 OIS on a tripod. Also my colleage was on my right holding a Yongnuo YN560III flash with an umbrella.


At the end of 2019, before the pandemic came to our lives, I started this project with Billy. I'm a land/cityscape photographer and he is a portrait photographer, so we wanted to merge this two disciplines in order to show the people the best of what we have in Valencia: the best monuments and natural places in combination with the best models. Unfortunately, we had to stop due to COVID-19, but I'm sure we'll return to work in this project.


In this shot I did my usual cityscape post-processing. I started with Capture One with the basic adjustements, trying to balance highlights and shadows. Then I moved to Photoshop for some final touches working in specific area and enhancing the presence of Malen.

In my camera bag

I started working with Sony cameras a year ago. Now I have a Sony A7III with a wideangle Tamron 17-28mm f2.8, a standard zoom Sony 24-105mm f4, and a tele lens Sigma 150-600mm. For portraits and street I also have a Sony 35mm f1.8 and a Samyang 85mm f1.4. But there is also another important part of my equipment for landscape photography. I use LucrOit filters and Vanguard tripods, companies which I collaborate.


You should start imagining the image you want to get. This is the most important thing. Then you just have to think what do you need for that: what equipment, what composition, what kind of natural light, etc. The rest is very easy! :-)

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