Wine Lines by SaltyGirl
Grant by mea115546
Parallel Startrails by KnutAageDahl
Mirrored Mirage shot 2 by Patrick_Law
Projection by UnTill
Parallel by JasonTank
Lines Among Us by GkCM
Projection 2 by UnTill
Easing into a new day by nicolevittoriadejager
Glass Towers by WalterHowor
Striped Satine by UnTill
Hong Kong by smijh
Your Move by barbarabrock
VIA rail Vanishing point by Patrick_Law
Right Down the Middle by volkmer
Slow down....breathe! by nicolevittoriadejager
Tunnel of lines by UniqueNY
The four by KonstantinSokolov
IMG_3632 by sarathvitala
A "Riveting" Bench by jeffgouse
tower bridge (1 of 1) by clairewallace
curves by RLariza
Light blaster Portrait by UnTill
Under the Deck - IMG_0753 by claudiovaz
Passing the Prairie by barbarabrock
Keeping it parallel by nicolevittoriadejager
Chiltern Railway by tskinner
Picketing  by barbarabrock
Tree Bridge at Pacific Rim Rainforest by natecannon
Trains of Scotland by garrettroodbergen
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