Time by gabrielfox
All i did was stand and stare by miladsafabakhsh
Beauty in numbers by DavidCadavid
Hammers by carolcardillo
Rescue by douglasunger
Almost eight by Jbarre
Hummingbird and Orange Rose by JoyceDickens
ATeardropInTime by JoyceDickens
Autumn Time by Gyrohype
Through The Forest To The Lake by JoyceDickens
Sands Of Time by ImagesByLouisa
Sands of Time by Gyrohype
Psychedelic Eight by Steve_Thomas
Foggy Morning In Big Sur CA Two by JoyceDickens
Domino Effect by chertel
London Transport by Bobwhite
Busy by JoyceDickens
Diano Castello (Italy) by nathaliedesmet
Gorgeous PG Deer Cropped by JoyceDickens
Vintage Change Maker by rturnbow
Yosemite Falls by JoyceDickens
Three Candles by ImagesByLouisa
Forever Blue by JoyceDickens
Peace by Liptonsun01
595  by marrieladurandegui
Heavenly Reflections At Yosemite by JoyceDickens
Deck of cards by KimberlyHibbard
Kudu Gang   IMG_7247 by Neckbone
Five Fingers by ewill
Pacific Coast Highway At Point Sur by JoyceDickens
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