leaping dog by mhills33
Explosion of Light by ylair
Buck Jump by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
In the corn by ncpcov
Woody in Action by ziggyzoo52
Leaping around by Rustybucket8472
Parkour prince by DanK
Blending In by ladysaltfire
Leaping  Crocodile  by lowe282
Dog playing and twisting in the snow by SportsNut50
Catapult by SpokeninRed
Walter by LensofLawrence
You Can Not Catch Me If I Start Jumping by ladysaltfire
9073  Surprise by geoffcaddy
Vertical Leap by jjpd1984
Dancer In Mid Air by calford1942
SpringLamb2479 by stonefree
The leap by Foxyphotos
Magestic Sea Dog by CSteeleDesigns
Maggie, Oct 2015 (3) by lorrainesouthern
Leaping Monarch oh the Glen by blootoonloon
Repurposed Laundry Bag by ladysaltfire
A.J. by dennybetts
First Leap by mtbibler
leap by janicereid
A wild cat as it leaps towards its prey by mortenross
jumping in the sea by ismeghead
Leaping by DManPhotography
Photo  by sawphotography
Leaping Impala by Jekawrig
Tiger Action by jeffreyecheverry