Dancing in Blue Jeans by pentony57
Leaping Lamb by bridgetrendall
Dog with Exploding Snowball by SportsNut50
Jump for joy by sallythecat
Dog Catching Snowball by SportsNut50
Flowing Leap by amazedbyyou
JumpingCrestedGex by davidnorthcott
Leaping Porpoise by jackhall_9918
fish leap by lindathomasBAhons
Ready for Take Off-6041 by lpatacic
Dance-9613 by TregonningPhotos
taking the leap by mlorenekimura
Leaping Squirrel by Doriography
original 3-4381 by rcjames
Leaping thru the Snow. by timmahoney
The Leaping All Star Girls by kenderby
Putting the spring in Springer! by annagillespie
into the air by mlorenekimura
Leaping Tiger by Nevclay
Leaping Otter by carolleather
Alfie-Flying-02 by ScaredylionFoto
Focus by uspshooter
Tiger Leaping by Daryl_Carter_Photography
Leaping by nikonshaz
Great Basin Collard Lizard  by BillMore
Sheep and Dog by DeniluxPhotography
Leaping for the ball by SportsNut50
Seed Stealing Squirrel  by Farmography
Ready to leap by ncpcov
Barley in a Wheat field by ncpcov
Racing the Sun by Y-Robbins
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