In motion by gkossieris
Timeless city of Haarlem by costasganasosphotography
Inception by costasganasosphotography
Star trails by That_Photo_Guy
Sunrise by the mill "De Adriaan" by costasganasosphotography
Eurasian Spoonbill cleaning feathers, Halfweg by andrevondeling
Rise and shine by gkossieris
Bianca - sundown by Louis_Sauter
spiralling by StefanWitte
Haarlem windmill by MadalinN
Harbour Haarlem by DennisartPhotography
Good morning Haarlem by costasganasosphotography
Eurasian Spoonbills baltzing, Haarlem by andrevondeling
Haarlem windmill by MadalinN
Sunrise between the storm, panorama in Haarlem the Netherlands.  by costasganasosphotography
Eurasian Spoonbill, scavenging branches, Haarlem by andrevondeling
Haarlem-Holland by MadalinN
Historic Haarlem by costasganasosphotography
Bianca - evening tide by Louis_Sauter
Colors in Haarlem by jpdvg
Harlem windmill at sunset by bridgendboy
Blue hour in Haarlem by costasganasosphotography
Haarlem by JuanraNoriega
Summer refections by gkossieris
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