Pisces Rising - Common loon with fish by JimCumming
With Attitude! by Tanya333
Sit & Wait by questforwildlife
Loon Closeup by Tanya333
Crossing Paths by Tanya333
Morning Loon by Tanya333
Crab Anyone? by deannefortnam
Loon with chick by JimCumming
Common Loon with her baby by philippedebruyne
Common loon on nest by JimCumming
Shy - Common Loon by JimCumming
Common loon skip by JimCumming
Common loon with shy chick by JimCumming
Loon !! by philippedebruyne
Male Adult Common Loon swimming and squawking - Gavia immer - Photo by Robson by DRSmithFoto
Take-out finally arrives - Common Loon by JimCumming
Mom and Baby by Tanya333
A loon and chick... by DanielParent
Loon Moment by Tanya333
Common Loon Running on water by animalartist
Loon-6701a-082018-WM by Tanya333
IMG_2078 by JimCumming
Glassy Morning by Tanya333
Common Loon and chick by brianlasenby
By her side - Common loon and chick by JimCumming
To the Moon! by Tanya333
Call of the wild - Common loons by JimCumming
Farewell to Summer by Tanya333
Common Loon by suesharpe
2017 29868 - Version 2 by gonewildshutterworks
Eye on You... by DanielParent
Common Loon Take-Off by JimCumming
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