Battle formation by JamieScottPhotography
Photo  by denadanettebarnett
Outdoor Hockey Practice by winnerslens31
Thunderbirds Stacked by sysguy
Not Done Yet by nancycqutub
Soccer Players by winnerslens31
Pre-season by AM_Images
Stuff I Wonder About Hockey . . . Why Does Calgary Flames Lance Bouma Always Look So Angry by stuffAboutHockey
Its mine by AM_Images
A Horse-Drawn Carriage by rmorrisonphoto
. Patrouille Suisse by dieterrose
Flames  by BlackAcePhotography
Thinking by johannesoehl
Duck team by samerawf
On Deck  by williamsfw2427
Red, White & Blue by Cathy_Lovell
Tampa Bay Lightning Victor Hedman by stuffAboutHockey
Rain, rain, rain by AM_Images
Too close for comfort by SteveMcMillan
Hit a double.  Keeping his eye on the ball paid off, 5 for 5 by Hprue
Paddock.  by Benedictgarness
Got the ball by catherinesaville
Follow the leader by create28
Jamie - Peninsula High School Equestrian Team by kirkmills
Spanish Air Force Display Team using CASA 101 by Vontripenhof
Eyes On The Ball by rvfowler
Navy cheer by VRB_Photography
DSC_0242a by garylinder
Following in good "Paw Steps". by danielstevens_9440
World Next Top Model Malta 2015 Team Bianco by nellasfotographymalta