Baby Red-Shouldered Hawk  by keilasdad
American Bald Eagle at the Oliemeulen Tilburg, NL by Pclaesen
Alligator vs alligator snapping turtle by stephanieyates
Harvestmen and Purple Flower by MsJudi
The White Wolf by Basciano_Photography
Snow leopards by Sangur
Cheetah on a kill by shamsamir
 Let the alien invasion begin by Bastetamon
Lion by Michael_Shake
Running lynx by EuroBen
Great Horned Owl by RMBphoto
Little owl by tmtburke
Mountain Lion Stare Down by tracymunson
A mother's love by paaluglefisklund
jumpee by ac_photo
Hunted by MWPhotography2
At Woodlands Edge by nina050
Poised by MaggieClaire
Looking out for prey by lmr337
No Worries by windycorduroy
Lynx by Bannekh
fox look by geertweggen
The King of Mata Mata by zistos
Friends and Sharks by KenKiefer2
  Lion Affection by KayBrewer
A juvenile male leopard by jozi1
Burrowing Owl by tmtburke
Dominant alpha by EuroBen
Jaguar by JimCumming
Leviathan by KenKiefer2
Itsy Bitsy Spider by MsJudi
Flying Eagle by rhamm