Wild Short eared owl in flight showing the feathers and structure of its wings (Asio flammeus) by jennycottingham
Nursing Time! by jozi1
The acrobat Owl by NickSW
Sunrise Family by irisbraun
A King's Feast by BarbMarszalek
The goodfellas by Nostroboy
Bronx Polar Bear by cristinmckee
Don't loose your head.... by Hillebrand
Wolf Stare by Basciano_Photography
Gaze by EuroBen
The Pack by MadhouseHeaven
Running Wild by jowaniven
Wolf running by vladcech
Eyes to Eyes by EuroBen
Mother Love For Her Lion Cub by KayBrewer
Close up of an African wild dog by Giulia_avanzi
153 BIG CAT 1 BW by Cobble-Art
Curious Kittens by lmr337
Dragonfly by chris_smith
Little Owl by chris_smith
Fox by fotograafkrishermans
Siberian Tiger by HaliSowle
Thoughts by michaelstephens
Mother and young Spotted hyena  by Giulia_avanzi
Piton by Samuk
Bald Eagle Portrait by jimhoulbrook
Panthera leo portrait by AlRoldan
Deep thoughts by jeffniederstadt
Tutlwa leopard by jozi1
Snowy Owl by JimCumming