Observing ... by Evi_Verstraeten
Arctic fox kit by a log by JimCumming
Face of a Male Bald Eagle by rhamm
Wolf in the winter  by vladcech
Praying Mantis on Stucco Wall by 1Ernesto
Lioness In Botswana by KayBrewer
Northern Hawk Owl by DanielParent
Sumatran Tiger Art by phillecren
Eagle 3 by Mtu3211
I met a fox by EuroBen
Lady Hawk by Delfin
Who who Owl by RedCrow
Wolf Eyes by melissapapaj
Great Blue Heron by timferry
THIN ICE by Cobble-Art
Watchful by Gilbert
Mountain Weasel with kill by angad13
The white king by CreativeArtView
Jaguar Look by LajosE
Predators Portrait by Laser5
Looking straight at me! by neilparker
A Detailed Look by BrianpSlade
The daylight pose by Gilbert
Solar Diving by DISCOVERABRUZZO_dot_IT
Falcon by JimCumming
Hawkowl baby by hallvorhobbyfotograflillebo
Red Fox by mikedenyer
Wolf puppy showing dominance to his brother by Reemow
A Wounded Lion by KayBrewer