Wolf by Michaelmeijer
Rock Fig Jr, Post-Diker-19739 by KColbyPhotography
Checking the larder by Gilbert
Cheetah observation by uwegibkes
Hunger Games by questforwildlife
Arctic wolves (Canis lupus arctos) standing in the winter snow by JimCumming
Lion King by lmr337
Majestic by SusiStroud
Playing with Food by sarahwray
GatorUP by KaelSaxen
Last dinner by TaraWillow
Coyote walking in the winter snow by JimCumming
Cat by Click_Here
Predator and Prey by A_N_Other
Lioness Drinking by calebpeterson
Tiger Love by claudiorussa
Macro Cat eye by Michaelmeijer
You can't have any by stephanieyates
Springboks on the run by zistos
Burrowing Owl by tmtburke
Winter hunt by vladcech
Pick-up Service by lmr337
Casually strolling across the main road at Chobe National Park by LizC
Gone Fishing by jozi1
King of the jungle by meau
Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) returns to nest in Colorado by tonybruguiere
Helga by tiger_in_teapot
Calopteryx Splendens by Erik_Niko
Grooming day by zistos
watching you... by CreativeArtView
Alaska Eagle by KayBrewer