Bear Feet by windycorduroy
Snowy Owl by JimCumming
Head of a Male American Bald Eagle by rhamm
African Lion  by PegiSuepix
Like Father, Like Son by KayBrewer
Portrait of a Wild Dog by naturesart
foxy nose by geertweggen
Caged - Eagle by JimCumming
Head On by KenKiefer2
Strike! by lmr337
Greater Roadrunner vs Rattlesnake by tomingramphotography
Fugitive by GBloniarz
Bald Eagle by jozi1
Got you! by Lopez_01
Wolf Brothers by lilykores
Euarasian Lynx, Bayerische Wald by andrevondeling
Leopard by lmr337
You look tasty!!! by brittabia
Green eyed gaze by Gilbert
In Lynx Eyes by TravelAbruzzo
Caracal by shamsamir
Cheetah   by tmtburke
Black Wolves in the snow by JimCumming
Screech Owl by cristinmckee
Gipeto by NickSW
Jagged Ambush Bug Emerges by mihrt
Prince(ss) by Kris_M
Leopard by zistos
Barn owl  by chris_smith
Tricolored Heron by KayBrewer
Black wolves by JimCumming
Great White & Green by williambuchheit