Flight of the Snowy Owl by JimCumming
Common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) by Michaelmeijer
Tiger Closeup by YNot2K
what?! by ac_photo
Focused © Brian Basson Photography by BrianBasson
Almost close enough to smell his breath by LizC
Wolf howling by vladcech
Survivor Bear by Kris_M
Cheetah Profle by mytmoss
Tiger eyes by tmtburke
Hawk in a tree by BearMesaPhoto
Great Horned Owl by stefanschug
Lazy by bonico
Florida Barred Owl by robertfillmore
Weasel breakfast! by matthewgraf
Real Angry Bird by gurdyal
BullFrog by karenpanagos
Sumatran tiger by Sangur
Lynx by TravelAbruzzo
Shampoo by lmr337
white tiger by Michaelmeijer
Catch of the Day! by jozi1
American Bald Eagle on a Roost by rhamm
The Vulture by NickSW
Me owww by bvphotosnap
Watchful Lion Cub by KayBrewer
Offspring by lmr337
Texas Praying Mantis (Stagmomantis sp.) by tonybruguiere
The Lioness by KayBrewer
red shouldered hawk by Cali_Wine_Fan
Coming for You by jesusfreak3520