Polar Bear Reflection by paaluglefisklund
Polar Bear Scratch  by tomingramphotography
Jumping Polar Bear by ericbettens
polar bear by TillyMeijer
Polar Bear Cub by Canuk-Images
Yawning by JingruLuo
I Love you Mom by TrekLightly
Polar bear by TillyMeijer
Chillin by wanderinjon
What is that, mum? by Canuk-Images
Autumnal Family Outing by Canuk-Images
King of the castle by judithconning
I walk alone by harrylyndonskeggs
Polar Bear Cub  by tomingramphotography
Polar Shake by zquentin
Polar Living by DavidMonty
Who said that? by Canuk-Images
polar bear mother and cub by DonnaRacheal
Calling by Beyerphoto
Polar lunch by Tamani
Polar Bear at Sunset by JingruLuo
Peek-a-boo by Canuk-Images
Sleeping Beauty by marselvanoosten
 Polar Bear by KevinGPhotography
Bronx Polar Bear by cristinmckee
Where has the ice gone by Kris_M
Polar Bear Reflection by billklipp
Polar bear after feeding by mortenross
The Ghost by charlotterhodes
Polar bear by hibbz