Ice Fishing Holes by BorisToronto
After Dinner by RobinV
Winter Cardinal by Tanya333
Northern lights on the beach by swqaz
Interception by PaulKilleenPhotography
East Lighthouse by MourneMountainMan
Church Bell by BorisToronto
The Hunt by BorisToronto
Pygmy-owl and Prey by brandonbroderick
Ice Road Sunset by BorisToronto
Troll Bridge by Tor-Ivar
Purple after Sunset by iwangroot
Endless by BRIN
Young Black Bear Cub by tomgallant_6441
Foley's Bridge with Long Exposure 2 by MourneMountainMan
Memories Of Autumn - Through The Forest by MourneMountainMan
Northern Lights Volcano! by jaybirmingham
A curtain of Green  by simpledesertgirl
Mountain View by MourneMountainMan
Northern Lights Over The Lighthouse by bwiedmann
received_10210561921583465 by jenniferstoparjovanovic
Rainy day on Atlantic Road by dmytrokorol
Northern lights by thorirb
Chasing Cosmic Light by AMills
Inseparable pair .. in closeup by DSCan
For Only Two Minutes. . . . by wayneslandphotography
Cross Along the Ice Road by BorisToronto
Northern Lights Reflection - Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland by KellieNetherwood
Dark Hedges by rogerhampton
Test Flight by nina050
R&R redue  by mcampi