Jess by maggiemabon
Leaf-Cutter Bee by FrancisJTaylor
the boy and the squirrel... by grandpa_Vlad
Gorge-ous by sakevanpelt
Lizard Hunting the ladybird by tahirabbasawan
Butterfly On A Leaf by douglasunger
Story of the fly by ErikSvec
Galaxy by LukaszLisiecki
Surface tension by bryanmcgowan
Taughannock Falls by markpapke
The Gift by mjhousto
Super Trees by dietrichherlanphotography
Cute background with a honey-cake rabbit by Bastetamon
Fly by colinharley
Hide & Seek by kutubuddin
The last rays of golden autumn by dmytrokorol
Hello stranger! by ErikSvec
The Lonely Leaf by kevinsawyerphotography
Autumns frost  by aproudlove
Chlorophyll by Limeblu
Fenced autumn by dmytrokorol
LAY DOWN by Ochalina
Grass Circle Bokeh by MaxRastello
After The Rain by Gyrohype
Overlap by mjhousto
IMG_7547 by Neringa_Olbutaite
Backyard Flowers 28 Sunflower by thelearningcurve
Nature Grabs You II by srdjanvujmilovic
The taller we are by HappyMelvin
Foggy autumn morning on Vistula by dmytrokorol
hang in there by simpledesertgirl