Flying puppy

Puppy Luna

Puppy Luna
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16 Comments | Report
Dackelpup Jan 29
Thank you!
wonderful shot love it
simonparry PRO+
simonparry Jan 31
Great capture..
kellyyasmine Jan 31
Pawsum pooch i LOVE IT!!
kellyyasmine Jan 31
barbaranelson PRO+
barbaranelson Feb 03
Hamburgensie Premium
Hamburgensie Feb 05
Adirable photo!
jenniferjune Feb 09
No way! Perfect Kodak moment!
livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari Mar 20
Very nice.
just love this exuberant image.
maxwalker PRO+
maxwalker Apr 02
I love this photo - just fantastic!
Novagurl53 PRO
Novagurl53 Apr 11
Wow! great shot...I love the look on that sweet dogs face!
ThompCreate2 PRO
ThompCreate2 Apr 13
Awesome action shot! ❤️
RickL PRO+
RickL May 12
Exceptional action
Love this photo, so much!

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Behind The Lens

This was taken during our photowalk in a park in Vienna city! It was last year in late October, the leaves were brown and we just had to shoot this little puppy in them since the colors of her coat match the location perfectly!
It was taken in the morning around 9 on a cloudy day. It was even raining a little bit, but nothing that would have stopped us from taking photos!
I actually love cloudy weather a lot since this kind of light represents the colors of reality the best I think. The brownish tones of the leaves come out nicely and I didn't have to edit them much in post processing!
As a body I used the Nikon D850 and the lens was the Sigma 135 mm Art. I didn't use any tripod or flash, I love to use natural light only.
The puppy was super playful, she was about 9 weeks old during the shooting. The owner threw some leaves in the air and she immediately tried to catch them and I just had to capture that precious moment!
I actually didn't change a lot in this shot. I removed some dirt off the fur, enhanced the color a little bit, made the dog a little bit brighter and added a vignette!
In my camera bag
I almost only photograph dogs, so I always have treats and squeaky toys with me to get their attention. Of course, I always have my Nikon D850 with me and my three main lenses: the Sigma 135 mm 1.8 Art, the Sigma 85 mm 1.4 Art and the Sigma 35 mm 1.4 Art. I never use tripods or similar since I want to be flexible during my photo shootings.
For dogs in motion, I always use a very fast shutter speed and always be ready to photograph! Moments like these are very spontaneous so you need to be quick. I also love to use a low aperture so the photo gets more depth, you need to be lucky to get a perfectly sharp picture but when you get it, it is worth it!

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