Diamond Ring by Chrjy
Dancer by desudipta
Fade to grey by Lili_Oubliette
Owl by CharlotteNaomi
IMG_9285 by davehill_9892
Rayne by megandavies
Fashion Shoot for gemheaven jewellery by Lilisant
Miss Hailey McDonald. by Emily_James4680
22k Gold Bangle by Ss-fashion-photography
A touch of sepia - rings and flowers by fionaruthetkin
A persian parade by Ninique
IMG_0406  by Keely_Farrugia
Sara by Artz
A persian parade by Ninique
Aboriginal Traditional Regalia accessories by StefaniaEymundson
The Brooch by adrianmuhlawson
Eloise by adrianfarris
Silver earrings set. by Ura_a
INDIAN BRIDE by avijit1990
Diamonds are forever by Lillyhen
Don't wanna look by MartinAgius
The Duomo by Iamangiea
Reinventing ... tassels, teardrop and circle -1 by nicolevittoriadejager
Macro Jewellery by rodbolt
Wedding Scenes by zaineb95
Wedding Jewellery by christophertallsopp
Silvana #2 by grahamgall