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JyoS August 02, 2016
Reminds me of young Meryl Streep. Wow H&MU and lighting.
Infocuz August 02, 2016
I adore this so much! Reminds me of am old English painting!
sharnefairchild August 02, 2016
Thank you, it was a look i was trying for.
roelraadsen August 04, 2016
Nice image with two focus points: the eyes and the collar. It looks like a modern version of 17 age Dutch paintings.
gajet123 August 31, 2016
Beautiful image, great lighting!
sharnefairchild August 31, 2016
Thank you. Lovely model and I do love black and white
timcphotography August 31, 2016
Superb image
coelho233 July 04, 2017
Great lighting... Beautiful!!!
ralph11204 January 04, 2019
amazing black and white photo lovd the sharpness wow
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Behind The Lens


This image was taken at the loft studio in Colchester


On a sunny Sunday morning in an old converted loft.


A single overhead soft box was used at a 45 degree angle


Nikon D800 with an 85mm lens attached studio flash was applied


This shot was part of a photoshop workshop and although the model provided the pose I was captivated by the symmetry in the image and the necklace lent itself to black and white as it reminded me on my initial review of an old painting.


This image was modified in Photoshop to add some volume to her hair and to lend to the overall symmetry plus some dodging and burning was involved to improve definition and to address that she had been suffering from some sunburn

In my camera bag

I always carry my stick Nikon d800 and a 50mm lens for general street for portraiture if I can I will use an old Nikon 85mm lens for the quality of glass and it's lovely soft bokeh or my tamron 24-70 2.8 which covers landscape and portrait in a small area. I always carry a small reflector in case I want to make use of natural light.


Always look for balance in a models looks or personality and consider the use of lighting in this image the overhead light presents a flattering shadow around the neckline that enhances with a slight shadow between the upper lip and the tip of the nose.

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