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Hot Rod Pinstriping

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The [dying] art of the Hot Rod Pinstriper...

The [dying] art of the Hot Rod Pinstriper...
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Behind The Lens


This was taken at the "Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo" show in Toronto. This gentleman was demonstrating his superb pin-striping skills to fellow hot rod enthusiasts. Steady hands.


It was shot indoors; March 16, 2019 at 1:06pm (to be precise)


The lighting was tricky, it's indoor, typical "event hall" lighting, part fluorescent and maybe a bit of tungsten vapour lighting? I'm not too sure, all I know is that it did take a decent amount of colour correction in photoshop to bring it to life.


This was shot hand held using my SONY A7iii paired with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART lens (I'm pretty sure, this was taken a little over 3 years ago now). Great combo. That Sigma 50mm lens is heavy, but its pure butter.


I'm inspired by people in general, and their learned skills. I'm also inspired by confidence, so when I see someone putting it all out there on the display, in public, I am drawn like a moth to a flame. That goes for anything, from musicians, to athletes, to tradesmen & women and skilled pin stripers like this dude, if someone is going to show off their particular skill(s), I will shoot it every time.


Yes. I only use Photoshop CC (I have never taken the time to learn Lightroom, but it looks pretty good?). This was not a well lit shot due to the location, so yes I had to do quite a bit of work bringing it to life. Side note, I shoot JPG 90% of the time (including this shot), I have taken the time to learn the camera settings well enough that I can usually get a pretty close final representation, then go in and do my final tweaks in post to bring the image home.

In my camera bag

I travel as light as possible, I use the LowePRO Slingshot 200AW, it seems to work best for me. I have tried various styles and sized bags, but I keep going back to this one, it's not perfect, but it's the one that suits me best when I'm out and about. I wish it was a just a "little bit" bigger, the next available size up is too big/bulky (for me). Inside it I have my SONY A7iii, along with my G-Master 70-200, my Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART, and my Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART. I will occasionally swap out my Sigma 24mm for my Canon 16-35 2.8 with MC11 if I need the extra wide angle. I now also have the Sony 100-400 which does not fit in the bag with the other lenses, but if I am covering an event like car racing, or rodeo, where you can't get super close to the action due to safety restrictions, I will sub that lens into my bag and lose a few primes, it can be a juggling act and decisions must be made before heading out to a particular event. For walk-about, I always take the 70-200 and the 50 prime, thats a one-two punch right there. (also batteries, lens cloths, a few extra memory cards, ear plugs, a power bar in case I get hungry and a small bottle of water if it fits etc.)


The only real advice I have when trying to capture an image similar to this one is, try and really focus on "the thing" the person is doing over the person him/herself (unless the person is a recognized celebrity, then get the face every time). If I had stepped back to include this guys face and more of the table, the image would have lost its dynamics. In this case, the hands were the money and thats where I put my focus.

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