Vents on Warehouse. by michaelsawyers
Quiet Halls by ethanwallace
Moody Winnats Morning by jaybirmingham
Pump House Way by adrianevans
Power plant by photof
Abandoned Factory where my significant other used to work by LifeForcePhotography
Maison Directeur Factory by stefgoovaerts
Stephanie Manescu Bethlehem Steel Plant  by Daniel-French
2016.07.02-16.09.04 by hcb300
Distillery by Shanev
Light At The End Ff The Road by jaybirmingham
Classic clown fish by modelmeemaw
Factory Detail by barbararichards
Düsseldorf, Liquid Air Factory. From the Rhine by Eugeniogarrido
Beauty behind bars by PoloD
Who You Looking At...? by Chiaroscurist
mono ruin by Johnsalterego
Buttermaker by estercastillo08
AbandonedSteamFactory by AllieCreighton
collapse by CreativeArtView
Factory in the morning by Happyshooter
Disused Truck and Wool Bobbins by Gslphoto
Pipe Dream by rturnbow
DSCN1601 by Ahalter
The Ford Model T feature at the Piquette Plant in Detroit. by DavidXavierPerez
umbrella factory2 by anabella
Blyth Port by michaelsawyers
The folks at the Jameson Factory in Dublin, Ireland sure do know how to recycle bottles. Form of a......chandelier! by Badger_g_photography
Abandoned - Chilches by MyChoice
Rebalancing by AgaLaMagica