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Copenhill, Island of Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The incinerator facility is designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and have a restaurant on the t...
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Copenhill, Island of Amager in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The incinerator facility is designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and have a restaurant on the top and also have an artificial ski slope and is surrounded by an recreational hiking area as well.
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Briston Jul 27
Lovely photo and excellent timing on this one, how did you make this
AnotherDayisNOW PRO+
Hi Mikel, glad you like it!...I used many hours on this photo (see my BTL text below) and it took a lot actually to get it right and many versions/tries. I have a lot to learn \'in field\' and with post processing. This photo I cleaned up a lot in regard to dust spots and removal of disturbing things in the windows, but I have also tried not to make the building look unreal (some have an even more artistic style with this, which is cool too, but I want the building to be recognisable when/if experienced live by the viewer).😀

Behind The Lens

This photo is taken on the Island of Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.
The photo is taken mid-day September 15, 2019.
The right light was coming and going this very windy day and I went for a long exposure to get the clouds the way I wanted and to avoid the building being too dark and shaded.
This photo is taken with my dear Nikon D850. Looking back a very fine camera I maybe should have kept. I switched it to a Sony A7R4 (yes due to the sensor size!) and used a lot of my saving on this. I then went to Iceland and did appreciate the reduced weight on the trip but the learning curve getting to know the new equipment was steep. For this particular shot I used the Nikon 20mm lens, a Lee ND filter and a tripod for stability during exposure.
I had googled for photo opportunities around Copenhagen and saw an add for the artificial ski hill on this building. I truly liked the idea (covering up an incinerator facility) and the design of the building in itself. When I arrived at the scene the wind was very hard and I actually had to use my car as windshield. The long exposure I finally decided for was a natural thing with the clouds moving so fast above the building. I had seen other B&W photos of buildings where the artists, in those cases, had played around with dodging and burning and I wanted to see what I could do with this photo as well.
This photo is very processed in the sense that I have used a very long time on post processing. Initially because I lacked experience and also because I can get a bit stubborn if the look doesn't get to be the way I want it to. I have not and will not add anything in a photo that isn't there to begin with, but the natural light on the building have been emphasised with D&B and of course a lot of cleaning up of the photo.
In my camera bag
I have once again switched camera (now to the Sony A1) and even though this absolutely doesn't make me a better photographer I now have made the more clever decision to switch to a camera were I keep my glass (lenses). As I have sold my Sony A7R4 as part of the funding I now have 'only' 1 camera and this is the camera I intend to keep for years to come. I have the 90mm Macro lens, the 100-400GM and 200-600G tele lenses and also a couple of vide angle lenses for landscapes. My ND filters keeps being a challenge in the way that the 12-24mm lens requires special large filters due to the front lens design. Otherwise I use magnetic KASE filters.
Google it. I find myself planning more and more shots and it requires you to coordinate weather besides the location. Without the clouds in the frame this would have been a completely different photo. I also love to just wander around and let my creative eye discover compositions and things I just find exiting and different. But mostly I have planned everything and yes that requires something of you as an photographer, your time and your willingness to put in the effort. But so does the post processing, the creative process and everything else you do. In this case it just happens to be with something you truly love to do.

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