Escher by wklidman
IMG_9146 long seave papermill B&W sepia by roelraadsen
Reflection in a giant puddle by Skorphoto
Greenfield Village by halcook
Photo  by StephenLittlePhotography
Old Factory by angelikakisnikos
road of light by notelesskris
DSC_53922 by Olena_Ivanova
RDP_8344 by BobbyDeal
Factory Butte UT by krenny
Cement by kurtvolkle
Urban Decay #5 by amyhodge_2725
Work in Pottery Square by RobertoPazziPhotography
Rusty Old Factory by oliverthellriegel
Mechanical Spider by PaulBKarasSr
In factory by KamilBinkis
P2075585 by Jaerven
Up by jan_jakub_nanista
Voltage Drop by fotosdenada
Imagination 4 by marcogabbuggiani
Steel wol by DennisartPhotography
Window Wonder by Michelet
Abandoned Mill 2 by pete_watson
Brennan Motor Mfg. Co. (Syracuse, NY) by georgejpatterson
Keep Out by micahfreethinkerreese
The Light At The End Ff The Road by jaybirmingham
Ghost Towns of Canada by kanebackroads
Old Factory by carlvanderwouden
SteelStacks by StereoGuy
Abandoned Warehouse interior 1  by leewright_0459