Derelict Dakota beneath the Aurora by SueLeonardPhotography
Ice Floe by dakoch
While recomposing shot by ScorpioOnSUP
Highway to Nowhere by Beno62
foggy alley by jorma
Green hills of Vesteralen by dmytrokorol
White night in Nordkilpollen Cove by dmytrokorol
Lonely Dune by ecmguy
High Sierra Shack by mlauffen
Fire & Ice by dakoch
Mysterious by michelestclairjames
foggy alley by jorma
Forsaken by keithbrodeur
foggy alley by jorma
Wind Sand Light and Time by fineartphotography
Hills of Vesteralen by dmytrokorol
Dancing In The Sun by dakoch
cathedral ruins in fog by jorma
Spring waters by dmytrokorol
Life on Mars by jamesrushforth
kissing students fountain in fog by jorma
Wingless Tinker Bell by hoimackoi
Bleached Stump by dakoch
Spring waters bw by dmytrokorol
WHITE SANDS  XV by henridroski
Rusty Old Car by MsJudi
Long and Lonely Road by LastScenePhotography
Caribou Reflections by michelestclairjames
foggy park by jorma
foggy park by jorma
This old house by twinborg
Jalopy For Rent by MsJudi