Angry Hippo by naturesart
Lion Portrait by Jekawrig
Playa La Vallina in the Morning, Asturias by ansharphoto
Fight for Dominance by Jekawrig
Little Freddie King by tomasorihuela
The Road by DonHoekPhoto
African Skimmer Landing by GeoffG46
Battle of Giants by schmidchris
Playa del Trabucador by pepinair
Crocodile on the Okavango by andytaylor756
Wildebeest Sentinel  by WalterHowor
Infrared Elephant Botswana by WorldPix
Father with son in armony with the Sun by stefanrobert
Sunrise in Delta by alexandrudinulescu
Rufous Hummingbird Male by windycorduroy
Glacier Bay delta by snipes213
Flying from the Moon by stefanrobert
Big boy by thomasretterath
Night in the Delta by jlmayordomo
Hephaestus by aphotogenicworld
Innocence of a Queen by schmidchris
Skyview by shanewheelphoto
Whitetailed Eagle flying of with catch, Oder delta by andrevondeling
White-tailed Eagle just before striking, Oder Delta by andrevondeling
Firey Forest by stevendammer
Malalchite Kingfisher by KayBrewer
Stay Close by WalterHowor
Whitetailed Eagle, airbrakes out!, Oder delta by andrevondeling
Long-eared owl by silvanomartincigh
Soaking In The First Rays by NatsW