Little Freddie King

Photo shoot with Little Freddie King at BJ's Bywater in New Orleans, LA

Photo shoot with Little Freddie King at BJ's Bywater in New Orleans, LA
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AdirahsEyes August 16, 2018
Greeting! You shot came up and I immediately recognized this Master! I have a couple of shot when he performed at the Mandeville Trailhead last year. Pure Gold. And... hi from a nearby photographer. Always looked for others to do a photo-walk outing in NOLA or area. Time will tell. Adira
tomasorihuela August 16, 2018
He's a great guy! Sound great about a photo walk. I enjoy them since I get to see what others see and learn from that! :)
jalan70 PRO+
jalan70 August 17, 2018
Love the color in your capture -- plus you caught a musician who is proud of his profession. Excellent
tomasorihuela August 17, 2018
Thanks! :)
BenHalen PRO
BenHalen December 08, 2018
Love it!!!
tomasorihuela February 19, 2019
Thank you!

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken inside BJ's Bywater, a local bar, in the Bywater area of New Orleans, Louisiana.
The photo was taken around noon time on a very hot humid New Orleans day; basically, a typical New Orleans summer day. We took photos indoors and outdoors.
We used three strobes for this shot. Two lit up Little Freddie King and the other was placed in the back of the room so some of the details in the dark room could be captured. We had a big soft box to his right and another bare strobe directly behind him to give him that halo-ish look. The room was so dark that even with the strobe behind him and the one in the back of the room set at their lowest power, they were still too strong. So we placed to one or two layers of cloth napkins over each strobe to cut down the light.
I handheld my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 Art Lens with a wireless trigger to set off the three strobes.
What inspired me to capture this photo? Well, just look at Little Freddie King! Photo says it all. He's is an amazing man and musician! We could not stop laughing at times. I would laugh so hard at times that I missed capturing some amazing candid shots! This was a memorable photo shoot for sure!
I post-processed this photo in Lightroom. I had to darken the back ground a bit more since the back strobe was still a bit brighter than we wanted on location. We did not bring any small camera flashes with us so it was definitely a lesson learned!
In my camera bag
I generally carry two camera bodies (Canon 5D Mark III and Mark IV). The lens I typically bring along are my 24-70 f/2.8 and my 70-200 f/2.8. I only bring other lenses when I know I want something different or just want to experiment if time is available.
Want to capture something similar? Well, simply find a person with a colorful personality that loves wearing colorful clothing! :)

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