For a monk's reading pleasure by NayNyoChan
Monks Visiting, Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Burmese Temple at Night by fredstein
Morning Walk by brendaglen
Stone Buddha by GreenCopperz
Japanese buddhist Priestess by SHphotos_inJP
Wat Sa Si, Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai, Thailand by fredstein
Blend in no matter where you are by UpuliWi
Morning ritual (LT_20151118-7190) by lynta
Waiting for the headmaster by TendrelImages
Buddhist Fragrance (Incense) and Sea of Wisdom temples. Summer Palace, Beijing, China by SueClarkPhoto
Prayer in the wind by Pettys
Wat Rong Khun, the White Temple by fredstein
Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Prayer by sadetutka
young cambodian monk by didierwthrich
Smile on the Everest  by Yan1982
Lessons of Dharma by neerajnema
Wat Si Chum by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
Buddhist Reflection by Click_Here
DSC03578-Edit-Edit by aaronchoiphoto
Sunday best by occasionalclimber
Dramatic sky over buddhist temple by zenit
Tending the Goats by fredstein
Monks on the Trail by fredstein
Alms and Almsgiving by SHAUNVEN
Sewu temple by zenit
Entrance Gate to Wat Si Sawai, Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand by fredstein
Child Monks of Rizong Monestry 8738ae by eugenefincham
Little Monk by ruthok
Sunset Over Bagan by fredstein
Until the End... by RobertoPazziPhotography