Sufi Pilgrims by millerb3
Stitch the Biker by JessMiddlebrook
F for Fierce by akapov
'Lost the way' by akapov
21st century punk by julie_cavell
The Palouse Wheat and Windmill by Lulumareeimages
Palouse Wheat Sunrise by Lulumareeimages
Wisdom of the Ages... by mcampi
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Self Portrait  by georgejpatterson
No Shave November by tailoredphoto
This afternoon I had nothing to photograph so I decided to do a self portrait #headshots #portraits #beards by nigelibbotson
R.I.P. by harleylynn
Soothing beard by akapov
Easy Rider by JessMiddlebrook
'Bear & Little Eva' DEC_2947 #2 by davidchinn
Wetland Treasures Two by JoyceDickens
Rain May Fall... And the Tentacled thing.   by antonybarbour
Clockwork Stairway to the Resevoir Gods by Patrick_Law
through gritted teeth by lindathomasBAhons
Urban Cowboy by florence
Billy who? by SharonLWagner
Photo  by Studio72Images
LAID BACK by davedise
Henry the 8th (not)  by eileenmc
Whiskers by Alana1971
Adventures in Portabello Road, London.  (3) by Kaceoo
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Wetland Treasures Three by JoyceDickens
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Village Life 1 by millerb3