up close by Wim_Moons
African bush elephant sand bathing by ExpeditionReggie
"Bob Marley" by chelseatischler
Love by Hedde
thirsty by kasper
Hippo Display by UfotoAfrica
Two of a kind by AlejandroFerrand
Student Portrait by Georgikate
Yellow Billed Kite by bobdee
Rhino Drip by christinelamberth
Majestic Lion by JohnStager
Stalker in Pink by okaroo
Lioness on the hunt by JenniferMacleod
Baby Elephants in the Serengeti  by hartmanc10
Moment of Tenderness by JohnStager
Lion by vedranvidak_1401
Elephant in the Dust in Amboseli by pattebrownell
Cheetah by SJRatcliffe
Lion Yawning by zistos
Lion Portrait by Jekawrig
Beautiful Kudu. by Alfredo_Jose
Hyena  by Casper
Tsavo landscape by thomasretterath
Samburu Nature Reserve - Giraffe by jacksmith219
Play time by AndyHowePhotography
Leopard on the Hunt by pattebrownell
Serengeti Pond Turf War by ron7cal
Nobility by jonste
Namibian Bamby by antonganzha
African Elephant Portrait by CathyWithers-Clarke
The King by Tripod_Travelers
Baby Elephant trunk up by janetcapps