elephant moment by bryanpereira
Little Roarrrrrr! by davidyack
Enkoveni Lion 22 by Karl-Heinz
Spectacled Weaver by desirdarling
Nyoom by jonste
Hyena on the Hunt copy by laurajane_1735
Charles having a good ol scratch  by olivernicklin
Willow Sunrise by michaelwilson
Who by vedranvidak_1401
Maasai Man by fotogurl350
Protecting Breakfast by CathyWithers-Clarke
Deep In Thought by Zayd
Early Morning View by GrahamCooke
tenderness by ircacaplikas
Gorilla by Steve_Thomas
Dude needs a dentist by katemontague
Mokoro Sunset by Jtrojer
Namibian geometry by silvanomartincigh
Mr Buffalo by okaroo
Mighty Lion by WesPittsPhotography
Wild zebra by Davidd25
a laugh a day... by bridgephotography
African Bloom V by PBeale
Battle of Giants by schmidchris
Leopard  by OwlMabbitt
5 week old leopard cubs by mytmoss
Leopard Cub by mikefennell
A new day by Sangeeta_Dey_Photography
Big Bull by chriswhittier
Nature's Old Man by ThomasDenoulet
Black Rhino Challenger by masonunrau
Symmetry in Motion! by jozi1