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Grey Crowned Crane

I captured this gorgeous Grey Crowned Crane at the "Bali Bird Park" whilst I was attending my highly esteemed art teacher Susan Farrell's Gaia Lo...
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I captured this gorgeous Grey Crowned Crane at the "Bali Bird Park" whilst I was attending my highly esteemed art teacher Susan Farrell's Gaia Lotus Bali Art Retreat in 2019

"A spectacular, mostly blue-gray crane with a black-and-white face and a crown of golden-yellow plumes. Immatures are rustier than adults. Singles, pairs, and flocks prefer wetlands, flooded grasslands, and man-made water bodies, but they can range widely through other open habitats when foraging. Resident but may be locally nomadic in response to rain.

Groups can often be detected by their low plaintive bugling “maaah-hem” call. The similar Black Crowned-Crane differs in having slaty-gray coloration, smaller red facial wattles, and red-and-white (rather than white) cheek patches.
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Behind The Lens

This is one of the gorgeous bird life photos that I captured at "The Bali Bird Park" whilst I was attending my wonderful art teacher Susan Farrell's "Gaia Lotus Bali Art Retreat" in September 2019.
It was taken in the morning, and the weather was absolutely perfect for enjoying all of the gorgeous bird life there...
The natural lighting was so perfect so there was no need for any other extra lighting assistance to aid me in capturing this gorgeous "Grey Crowned Crane" and other bird life images..
This was shot with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ SM-N975F, Aperture 210/100, ISO 50, Shutter 1/1352, Focal Length 600/100
I have always been a lover of all bird-life and are proudly also a member of The Gould League of Bird Lovers since my early days at primary school so when we went to visit "The Bali Bird Park" whilst on our retreat I was so looking forward to being able to photograph the gorgeous birds there in real time!
I did some small tweaking photo processing edits for enhancing subtlety color and clarity using my HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible Laptop's Photo Editor.
In my camera bag
I normally don't carry that much equipment in my bag to my photo shoots, the usual some spare batteries, a few spare photo cards, phone charger and attachment, and if need be a tripod small or large depending on which camera I am using and I also carry a camera water proof protector and one for myself in case it rains..
Be focused and just be in the moment! Take your time, be prepared to take many shots of and all angles of each bird and take as much time as you can taking advantage of various natural light as it naturally changes and love your individual special nuances that are sure to arise.. Keep a calm energy and demeanor especially when you are photographing birds or animals.. Try turning off your click shutter noise if possible so as not so disturb them.. And most of all enjoy your bird loving photography passion!!

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