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Rmay1 September 14, 2022
So clear and defined. I love it
lulu2 September 14, 2022
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Behind The Lens

Located in Adelaide, South Australia this pair of escalators bring people up to the Festival Centre plaza and onwards to the Governor General's residence.
The sun was just above the Adelaide hills at 7.30 am giving a Golden Hour colour to the scene.
Due to the back lighting I needed to be careful to ensure that the exposure of the escalators and the morning clouds were within the dynamic range of my camera. Using an ND10 filter enabled a longer exposure and the brightness balance that I wanted to achieve.
My photo was taken using a Nikon D850, Nikon 35mm - 70 mm lens , ND10 filter and tripod. 30 second exposure.
I spent a lot of time mentoring people in business and use pictures to add to my discussions. I wanted to have a composition that looked simple at first glance and then more complicated when looking closer. Only one of the 2 escalators was in motion and the other had not been activated by a person wanting to come down to the lower level. My question would be: which way would be use to get to the upper level. The quick answer would be to use the escalator that looks like steps not realising that the left side escalator is moving ready to lift you to the upper level. A close look or thinking about the streak of clouds gives away the answer.
Using Lightroom, I added contrast and vivid colour. No modifications were need in Photoshop. Hence the shot was virtually straight out of the camera.
In my camera bag
My photograph bag usually has one camera body Nikon D850 though on some occasions I also bring my Nikon D810. My suite of lens are several prime Nikon lens -14 mm, 24mm & 50mm and zoom lenses Nikon 35mm -70mm plus a Tamron G2 70 mm - 200mm . I carry a travel tripod and a ND5 and ND10 filters and a polarizer . I have 2 GODOX flashes and a small reflector. It keeps me fit.
When taking shots in open areas, I always respect the pedestrians who have just as much right to walk in and through where I am located. By being friendly, I often find a willing person to take a portrait shot and get a bonus shot or two. Luckily in Australia, the rights of photographers to take pictures of people in public spaces have not been restricted.

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