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Watching The Train

My granddaughter Cora

My granddaughter Cora
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sundowngaited PRO+
sundowngaited Jun 09
Virtuoso!! Just brought tears!!! So absolutely tender and innocent. I adore this
chiphendershot Platinum
Thank you so much Dianne, I verey much appreciate it!!!
OBRonTyan Sep 24
.. #WHAT Is That??? Magnificent Photo, Well Done You!
chiphendershot Platinum
Thank you so very much!!!!!😁
DAsEye Oct 04
Beautifully done
chiphendershot Platinum
Thank you so much!!!!!

Behind The Lens

I capture this image of Cora, my grandaughter near the pond in my back yard.
It was late afternoon as the train crossed the road several blocks up the road. The train always captures Cora attention.
The late afternoon light was warm and pleasing.
I had my Nikon D850 with a Nikon 105mm lens. Handheld.
My grandaughter Cora, wanted to where Mawmaws hat. Cora was palying in a dress around the pond in our back yard and I grabbed my camera, soon after the train whistle blew and crossed the intersection several blocks away. All our grandchildren are intrigued by the train and always run to see it from the backyard.
I use several editing tools in post-processing. I import my RAW files to Lightroom and make a few adjustments. After that I am in Topaz Studio where I spend the most time post-processing. I end up with some finishing touches in Photoshop. Most of my life I spent in the darkroom printing for professional photographers. Often you would here professional photographers say a lab can make or break the photographer. That still stands true in today’s digital environment, most photographers now post-processed their own images. I see so many nice images photographers have posted only to end up being a ho-hum, spiritless image due to poor post-processing or even over processing. When I worked with negatives in the wet lab, I would have a final print sitting in my work area that I felt was a winner, the next day I would come in and say to myself "What was I thinking"! It is the same with digital post-processing, sometimes walking away and leaving it for another day can be your best decision.
In my camera bag
I use a Nikon D850 with a variety of modern lenses as well as vintage film camera lenses with adapters to fit my Nikon. I really enjoy using vintage c mount lenses designed for 16mm cine camera on my Sony A7R. The lenses I use with my Sony are Kinoptik 9mm, 32mm, 40mm and 75mm. I also use Wollensak, Schneider and Angenuiex lenses. I also enjoy free-lensing also called lens-whacking with a Helios 44m, some Russian lenses and any other vintage lenses that will produce nice flares and pleasing bokeh. I recently had my Nikon D700 converted to infrared, but I have a lot to learn about infrared post-processing.
Personally, I must take a deep breath and slow down. I’ve struggled with mental focus my entire life, I have to really concentrate on slowing down my mind as well as not getting discouraged while shooting. I still think of the acronym FAST - Focus, Aperture, Shutter and Think. I enjoy exploring several different camera points of views to find something that may tell an interesting visual story. Post-process is as important as the capture, invest in creative editing software then learn your software. There are many free tutorials out there that can teach you and give you the edge you have been looking for in your images.

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