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Walter_Phelps PRO
Walter_Phelps November 06, 2020
Thank you for liking my image. I had a lot of fun setting it up and taking the shot. Than you all those that voted for my image.
margaretgodfrey PRO
margaretgodfrey November 06, 2020
great shot, congrats on winning challenge 😊

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my kitchen in Sydney, Australia. I wanted to have a set-up with subdued natural light coming in on the right hand side and no artificial illumination.
I was really surprised that I got the effect I was hoping for in the first two or three shots. It was late afternoon and it had started to become a little overcast outside and this helped to soften the light coming in through the window.
This image is one of three that I was doing for a camera club assessment based 'food' as the subject. I really liked all three, but if I had to choose my favourite it would be this one. I am glad you liked it too and thank you for voting for it.
Shot using natural light through a window with my Canon EOS 670D on a Manfrotto tripod with a Sigma 18 - 200 mm lens set at 800 ISO; 1/6 sec exposure and f9.
The Camera Club, of which I am a member, was was holding their monthly competition in August 2020 and the subject was food. I wanted to make my entries simple and, hopefully a little different from the usual "food" images. I also wanted to have a definite relationship between the objects in the image. In this case the "hot chillies" and the frying pan. Both having 'hot' as that relationship. I think I achieved my aim in this image.
I did very little post-processing on this image. I used Photoshop to crop the image to a square format and tweeked the saturation ever so little.
In my camera bag
I usually take two camera bags with me whenever I am shooting outdoors. One contains almost all my equipment and the other virtually empty. When I get to the location and I need to walk some distance I transfer the equipment I think I'm going to need to the smaller bag. If however the location is somewhere that I do not need to walk I just use equipment from the bigger bag. My essential equipment is the tripod (Whenever possible I use a tripod) ; Lenses, (I have a range of lenses); Filters; Spare batteries and SD cards; and of course my Canon EOS 760D camera.
Experiment around with different lighting, different compositions, different camera settings. You have complete (well almost complete) control of everything when taking tabletop or still life photographs. You can adjust things to get the results you are looking for. Also, be patient.

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