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Somersby Falls





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Behind The Lens

This is Somersby Falls on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
One of many beautiful images that can be taken at this waterfall. It was taken in 2012 just after 1 pm. Camera settings were ISO 400, 0.4 sec exposure time at f10. Becauce of the shutter speed it was essential that I used a tripod.
This image was taken with available natural light but I also had to the position of the camera, not only to get the shot that I wanted but also to avoid the bright sky above the falls that would have been vastly overexposed.
This was shot on my Canon EOS 10D using a Manfrotto Tripod and Sigma lens.
I just love to photograph waterfalls, cascades and rapids, in fact anything with moving water. To me there is magic in these types of images and I try and capture what I thing is that magic component. To me, water that is flowing signifies life.
I did use Photoshop for some minor posy processing. A slight crop and a small adjustment to curves was about all that I thought necessary.
In my camera bag
Of course I always have one of my 3 Canon cameras, and assortment of lenses and filters in my bag. My Manfrotto tripod and remote shutter release is always with me when I know that I will need it or when I know that I can use it. Spare batteries are also an important thing to carry as is a flash gun.
Always carry something that can protect your camera from water spray when photographing waterfalls. I carry a plastic bag with a cut-out in it for the lens so that I can put my camera in to prevent any water spray from getting onto my camera. If you want to get that "milky" effect then you need to use a slow enough shutter speed to produce that effect. This comes mainly from experience as too slower speed will tend to wash out all the detail in the image and a too fast a shutter speed fill tend to freeze the motion.

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