With the deluge of e-scooters in München, seems there’re ultimately fewer takers for these shared bikes now (probably the same user group)! Seems kinda weird to me, that in today’s day & age; we’re evidently moving away from the eco-friendlier & h





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jaydadaughenbaugh_9062 April 05, 2020
I love the aesthetic of your pics! Good shots!

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken with the Monopteros in the background in the Englischer Garden, München.
This was shot at sunrise approx. around 7 am on a winter morning.. the trees have already shed their leaves and the snow is still to come. There was a fiery glow in the sky and instead of shooting with just the Monopteros in the shot, I decided to use the call-a-bike (bike sharing) that I'd used as the main subject of the shot with a slightly shallow depth of field.
I wanted to of course capture the gorgeous glow of the sunsrise but also wanted to capture something quintessential München - i.e. the Monopetros. As I started framing the shot, I decided to include the bike to showcase the wide-spread shared transportation options that the city is blessed to have.. from cycles, e-scooters, moped, scooters, cars & even vans.
I used a tripod since I was bracketing to 3-stops in order to get a higher dynamic range to cater for the low ambient light in the foreground while also getting the fiery glow from the sunrise.
The English Garden was my go-to place to shoot since I lived along it... and I'm always on the look-out to find new perspectives to shoot.. especially around the landmarks - I suppose the challenge to capturing it in a 'unusual' perspective always drives me to keep coming back to shoot around the same place. Opens the minds eye to look at the same view differently!
Since I'd already taken 3 shots with different shutter speeds.. I had a decent dynamic range to merge them into a single shot - Lightroom HRD Merge is pretty much one of my favourite workflow tools to use.
In my camera bag
I almost always carry all my gear - Nikon D750 with lens comprising of 24-105 mm, 80-200 mm & 14 mm. A small tripod for low shots & off-late the DJI Gimbal.
Early mornings are always a special time in the Englischer Garten.. sans crowds and often with views of glorious sunrises

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