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Unknown solider grave





Contender in the Photography Awards
Honorable Mention in Game Of Compositions Photo Contest
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Superb Composition
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Outstanding Creativity
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Craig-Sheffield PRO+
Craig-Sheffield November 30, 2023
Congratulations on placing in the Game of Compositions! This is an amazing, yet heart tugging feature. Remember our Veterans.
ForgetMeNotphotography November 30, 2023
Very powerful. Well done.
Laton1973 Platinum
Laton1973 November 30, 2023
Thank you for honoring our veterans and because I am a veteran also
charlenestoldt November 30, 2023
Great photo
Rmay1 December 03, 2023
Congratulations on receiving an honorary mention for Game of Compositions contest.😊
BJessup Platinum
BJessup December 12, 2023
Very good shot & thank you for honoring him or her! I thank this unknown soldier for their service & sacrifice 😔🇺🇲
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