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40 something and killing it.
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Summer 2020
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Magnificent Capture
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Superb Composition
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All Star
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Outstanding Creativity
Superior Skill


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My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol9Top 30 class
My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol9Top 20 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 54Top 30 class
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Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 54Top 30 class week 2
Monthly Pro Photo Contest Volume9Top 30 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 54Top 10 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 54Top 10 class week 1


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edandaniphone Premium
edandaniphone February 26, 2020
She’s awesome and so is the shot.
harmeetsingh April 20, 2020

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my hotel in Santa Barbara California during a visit to the west coast. I have several model friends who are from or live in California. So I took the opportunity to drive up from LA while California to visit Doranne and to do a photoshoot with her. It was amazing drive and an amazing photoshoot. I saw why America wrote a song about Ventura Hwy.
This is a late morning golden hour (about 9:00 am) capture using window light. This is one of my favorite images, because the model in in my age group and I love to shooting ageless beauty, that show age is truly just a number. This is a mom of two that got into modeling in her forties.
This is a late morning golden hour (about 9:00 am) captured using window light. Golden hour window light gives warmth and a subtle glow to an image that creates lushness that makes skin smooth like butter; very flattering and forgiving especially for portrait photography .
This was a hand held shot using a Canon EOS REBEL XSi with the f/ 3.5 to 5.6 STM kit lens
We had planned to head to the ocean first thing to shoot, but she arrived later than expected. Since she had to take her kids to school. Long story short; I had bought two dresses with me that I thought would flatter her and that we could create some special images that were different, but would add to hers and my ports. She said let me see them. She saw this dress and said I don't know about this one. But she went to the bathroom tried it on and came and sat on the bed. She asked how do I look. Stunned by the vision of loveliness in the soft light in front of me, I grabbed my camera started shooting.
Since, I shot this with the kit lens that came with Canon Rebel XSi I blurred the background a little in post. I also adjusted the color temperature to add coolness as it was too warm in my opinion.
In my camera bag
My DSLR cameras have evolved over the years starting with the Rebel SXi to a 60D, 70D, 7D and 5D Mark III. Now I shoot with an 80D almost exclusively. My bag always has two lenses in it, an EF 85mm f/ 1.8 and the 18-135 mm f/ 3.5 - 5.6 kit lens and a dimmable led light for moments when AF needs a little assist. I also have a spare battery, memory cards and IR remote, cable release, mini notebook and a couple of pens.
Be prepared to be surprised and when you are have you camera ready (especially during the golden hours, magic happens). Be a friendly cheerful person that can make your subject feel at ease, but shoot someone who likes having their photo taken (it shows). Know the limit of your camera and how to get the most out of it within those limits. It's the gear, it is your skill and knowledge of your gear.

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