Sexy Denim

Photoshoot with Denim jeans

Photoshoot with Denim jeans
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harmeetsingh Mar 27
Sexy denim and sexy model..
Haaahaaahaaa... She is indeed, thank you

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the staircase of a shopping mall. I'm a self taught photographer and I always like to try things differently so when I picked this 'Denim' theme the 1st thing I want to do is execute this at an urban area and I found this shopping mall named 'Publika' as a right choice for my shoot.
This is probably one of my sexiest image of the day. Haaahaaahaaa. All credits to the model to pulling out the pose I wanted at that 2pm weather.
I wanted this image to look a bit rusty to match the denim and the urban essence, so I placed the model at the place where the sunlight partially shines through.
This was shot in a Nikon D90, equipped with a Nikkor 35mm 1.8 lens. No other equipments were involved.
I always wanted produce portraits which gives out a unique vibe. I used to go through portraits done by the ViewBug members, also some Instagram pages to get some ideas. Hence I managed to produce this.
Usually, portrait photography need a lot of correction in colors and skin of the subject so I've to work on the picture twice. 1st to correct the colors and the second to smoothen the skin.
In my camera bag
I make sure I pack my 35mm and my 70-300mm alongside with my Nikon D90. I'm a guy who finds a frame in anything so we don't know what we might find right?! So I always prepare myself for anything that the moment could throw at me.
Well, I'm not a pro or well experienced guy to give tips but I can say this, always be ready to think weird, think out of the box and always be ready to execute or try out that idea that pops out of your mind.

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