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markcurbishley December 11, 2019
amazing shot of a beautiful subject. well done
harmeetsingh May 23, 2020

Behind The Lens

Outside our Apartment building in a street like any other, while the rain was pouring. It was a 5 minute shoot.
It's been the early evening. We tried to get the last bits of light before it got dark. The moment we started shooting the street lights went on.
It was not the lighting I wanted. After the street light had turned on I just went with it, even though I would have preferred it, if they'd not been on.
A sony a7ii and a zeiss kipronar 90mm lens, which is an old projector lens, that has been modified for my Sony camera.
I wanted to make something that felt weird and alien but still very familiar. It should be a bit off putting while remaining some sort of beauty. The picture is supposed to reflect a state in which you feel, that there's something that's not quite right but you need to look twice to find out what it is.
Yes, I color graded the whole picture and merged 2 pictures togehter to get that double iris effect.
In my camera bag
A sony a7ii, a zeiss kipronar 90mm, a sony 50 mm and a sigma 10-20 mm, which is actually for a nikon camera.
If you want to merge pictures together you really need a tripod and you should take a few more pictures than you think you might need, especially when you're trying to do something weird to someone's eyes. And if you have slightly weird ideas just go for it. The worst thing that could happen is that you don't like the end result but the good thing is, even if you're not happy with the outcome you can always revisit your ideas later on. Experiment as much as you like and as much as you need to, to visualize your thoughts.

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