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Calling your name in the midnight hour





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bantaethan November 16, 2014
wow! love this!
pietnel August 13, 2016
sweetpea72 February 07, 2017
beautiful..Congrats! シ
cathyeaton PRO
cathyeaton May 23, 2017
Wonderful portrait. Good choice to soften background. Meditative
lauracallsen PRO+
lauracallsen June 05, 2017
Thank you =) But I didn't soften the Background ( at least not in th post production). It was shot with a 100 mm lens, which sadly broke at the beginnging of last year. It's a macro lens, so you get a really buttery finish to the background.

Behind The Lens

This picture was taken in the Harz Mountains in Germany during a meetup with lovely photographers. We had a great time there and it was so much fun roaming around with so many talented people, taking pictures, breathing in the scent of foggy morning air and just getting creative with each other. Under the hasthtag #hmfg2014 ( facebook or flickr) you can find other absolutley amazing images everyone took during that week we all met.
It was in the morning. It was around 8 or 9 o'clock when the pictue was taken. I was pretty tired. I remember taking a very quick shower, getting dressed pretty fast, overly excited to get outside to take pictures in the mist that lay over the hills.
The whole atmosphere was magical. It was kind of dark outside, yet there was such lovely lighting for taking photos. We had this amazing atmosphere almost the whole week we all were together and I remember everyone, including myself, being so excited about this.
A Nikon D 7000 and a Tamron 100mm Macro lens, which is surprinsingly awesome for taking portraits. It's definetly not just a lens for macro phtography.
The lovely girl, you see in this image is Foufinha Photography. A great young artist, who invited me to the meetup. I was pretty nervous to get to shoot with her. I just went with the flow, I think. It was just her, that amazing atmosphere, the right moment and the very strong excitement to be a part of this moment and of this group.
After a long pause taking pictures in raw, because I didn't have the software, this was one of the first pictures I edited using a testversion of Lightroom. I quickly decided, that a black and white edit would suit this picture probably the most. After editing the image in Lightroom it was almost fine. After this I just retouched the skin slightly, using photoshop CS2, which is free for windows 7 users ( just in case you didn't know). And I put a light grain over the upper part of the image, just because the grey tones were bleeding into each other, which really bugged me and that's how I fixed it.
In my camera bag
My Nikon D 700. A Nikkor 50mm 1.8, my Tamron 100 mm Macro lens and my Sigma 10-20 mm
Get some good wellingtons, a weather app on your smartphone and an alarm clock. You don't need any sunshine. You need one of those mornings you absolutely hate when you are on your way to work early in the morning. This kind of weather, that makes you want to snuggle up underneath your warm blanket and just forget about the world outside. And of course you need a model, that willingly freezes for a picture, while you're standing there in your warm boots or wellingtons and a raincoat, telling her you won't take long for the picture you want and need.

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